Large_placeholder_br Albert I at place de l'Albertine

Sculpture: Albert I at place de l'Albertine

1915 - 1995

Original inscription:

1915 - 1995

This statue, inaugurated in 1951, also exists at Ostend.
The memorial to Albert, a popular monarch, includes the national library to the right of the statue.

Site: Albert I at place de l'Albertine (1 memorial)

1000, bld de l'Empereur at place de l'Albertine

Skate-boarders play at the feet of Albert, the "soldier king".

2017: Oliver Langhendries wrote to ask the meaning of the dates “1915 – 1995”. We no longer live in Brussels so could not visit to confirm the presence of these dates but we found a photo of the bronze plaque attached to the front of the plinth.  This shows the dates below a Maltese cross with swords crossing behind, topped with a crown. This is the insignia for the Belgian Croix de Guerre, established by Royal Decree in 1915. We’d guess that some type of event took place at the statue in 1995, commemorating the 80 years since the military decoration was established.

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King Albert I

Born Brussels. Died at Marche-les-Dames in a mountain-climbing accident. He w...

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