Everard T’Serclaes at KBC building Everard T’Serclaes at KBC building

Relief: Everard T’Serclaes at KBC building

This building was named "T’Serclaes" by the Kredietbank (now KBC) in memory of the patrician family which had its "steen" in this area. The bas-relief by the sculptor Tom Frantzen was inaugurated 4 June 1989. It evokes episodes from the life of Everard T’Serclaes, burgomaster and councillor of Brussels, who on 24 October 1356 with some fellow citizens, climbed the walls of Brussels, a few steps from here, and liberated the occupied town from the troops of Count Louis de Maele.
On Maundy Thursday 1388 some assassins in the pay of the Sire of Gaesbeek ambushed T’Serclaes and mutilated him atrociously. He succumbed to his wounds five days later and passed away in the house "L’Etoile" in the Grand Place.

The memorial is the large relief above the entrance to the building. KBC have kindly provided a notice in French telling the T’Serclaes story and we have given a translation of that at "English Text" above.

Site: Everard T’Serclaes at KBC building (1 memorial)

1000, rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères, KBC building, 24-26

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Everard 't Serclaes

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