Everard t’Serclaes at l'Etoile t’Serclaes & Buls at l'Etoile

Sculpture: Everard t’Serclaes at l'Etoile

Everard t’Serclaes, liberator of the country.

24 October 1356, Everard t’Serclaes bravely lent a hand and helped chase out the foreign soldiers who were occupying Brussels. After having been an alderman of his native town five times he died on 31 March 1388, assassinated in the most cowardly way for having defended the rights of the city.

Original inscription:

Everhardo t’Serclaes
Patriae liberatori

le 24 Octobre 1356
Everard t’Serclaes
Par un hardi coup de main chassa
les soldats étrangers qui occupaient
Après avoir été cinq fois echevin de
sa ville natale il mourut le 31 Mars
1388 lâchement assassiné pour
avoir défendu les droits de la cite.

Inaugurated 20 July 1902. Julien invited his brother Gustave to do the surrounding garlands of fruit.

Site: t’Serclaes & Buls at l'Etoile (2 memorials)

1000, Grand Place, l'Etoile, actually in rue C Buls, 8

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