Hannibal’s elephant & Manneken-Pis Hannibal’s elephant & Manneken-Pis

Plaque: Hannibal’s elephant & Manneken-Pis

We wish we could explain this to you but we can’t. There are some additional clues in the cartoon which the photograph might not show clearly: The character labelled 16 is holding a banner on which is written: "LA MINE SOURIANTE - Salon des Humoristes". The little boy, labelled as "KETJE", has tied a lit firework to the elephant’s tail. The elephant is joining in the Manneken-Pis’ activities, using its trunk.

Site: Hannibal’s elephant & Manneken-Pis (1 memorial)

1000, rue Chair et Pain, restaurant Le Carthage, 3

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"Ketje" Bruxellois

"Ketje" = "urchin"

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There are various legends about this little squirt but really nobody knows an...

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Couple Missaoui

of the restaurant "Le Carthage"

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Hervé Brouhon

Burgomaster of Brussels from 1983 to 1993

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