Le Petit Sablon - J - Dodonee Le Petit Sablon

Statue: Le Petit Sablon - J - Dodonee

Site: Le Petit Sablon (11 memorials)

1000, place du Petit Sablon

There are whole books written on this, the prettiest public garden in Brussels. All we can give here is a very brief summary. The layout of the garden was designed in 1890 by Henri Beyaert, The railings are divided by 48 columns, each topped with a little statue representing one of the 16th century guilds of Brussels. For the purposes of this web site these statues are not "memorials" (phew). Inside the park there is an impressive fountain surmounted by a statue pair, which is surrounded with a semicircle of 10 marble statues, all of which are considered memorials and are listed here, each being allocated a letter (clockwise) indicating their position in the semicircle. They are all distinguished Belgians of the 16th century and the statues were inaugurated on 20 July 1890.

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Subjects commemorated


Rombaud Dodonee

Botanist. Actual, Flemish name: Rembert Dodoens. Author of the "Cruydeboek" ...

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