Social Providence Social Providence

Relief: Social Providence

Social Providence
{above this is written:}
Seen by Dolf Ledel

Original inscription:

{above this is written:}
Vu par Dolf LEDEL

Site: Social Providence (1 memorial)

1070, Résidence Ledel, rue de l'Autonomie, 5

The building (Résidence Ledel, architects:Fernand & Maxime Brunfaut, 1932) would seem to be named after the sculptor of this relief. The adjoining building (to the right, outside the photograph), is splendidly Art Deco and designed for, what we believe, was one of the first popular insurance companies, or Provident Societies. This relief would seem to be related in some way. Perhaps Résidence Ledel was an extension to the original building.

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Created by


Dolf Ledel

Sculptor and medal-maker.

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