Square des Griottiers Square des Griottiers

Plaque: Square des Griottiers

Square of the Morello cherry-trees. Inaugurated 22 November 1992 on the occasion of the 8th annual chapter of the gastronomic Brotherhood "Order of the Morello Cherry" of Schaerbeek.

Original inscription:

Inauguré le 22 Novembre 1992 à l'occasion du
8ème chapitre annuel de la Confrérie
gastronomique "ORDRE de la GRIOTTE"
de Schaerbeek.

There's something splendidly unofficial about this plaque. Square des Griottiers certainly appears in no plan of Brussels. One is very tempted to come here next November 22nd to witness the strange goings on that the plaque hints at. We've no idea if the rather sentimental sculpture is related in any way.

Site: Square des Griottiers (1 memorial)

1030, ave E Max junction ave A Milcamps

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