Camille Lemonnier

Person   Born 24/3/1844 Died 13/6/1913

Categories: Literature

Born: Ixelles. Father a lawyer, mother died when he was 2. Lived for a long time in rue du Lac, where he held Friday literary meetings. Click on external link for more information on CL (in French). The Félicien Rops Museum at Namur, external link has a biography of FR, in French or English.

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Camille Lemonnier at chaussée d'Ixelles

Here, 23 March 1844, was born the powerful writer, Camille Lemonnier, who, th...

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Camille Lemonnier at the Cambre

Vosges Granite. Inaugurated 29 October 1922, at the avenue Louise/Jardin du ...

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Maison Camille Lemonnier

Camille Lemonnier House {here there is a clever monogram which we believe mu...

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