Colonel Camille Joset

Colonel Camille Joset

Person   Born 1879 Died 1958

Categories: Literature, Politics & Administration, Resistance WW1, Resistance WW2

Born Soumagne. Resisted in both wars. In WW1 he organised and controlled the Belgian-France-English information service in occupied territory. Arrested in March 1915 and condemned to death but then pardoned. He spent 44 months in German prisons. Before the war he had had a political role in Luxemburg and between the wars he was Royal High Commissioner for the reconstruction of Luxemburg. In 1939 he was already in the Intelligence Services and after the invasion he organised secret brigades in east Belgium, of those who wished to fight on. In December 1940 he joined the new National Belgian Movement. Responsible for the creation of the clandestine paper "La Voix des Belges" he was arrested 27 April 1942. Three years in prison caused him to lose the use of his legs. He wrote, notably about the war. His son, Camille Jean Joset took over the paper on his father's arrest.

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Colonel Camille Joset

The sculptor has carved his name into the neck.

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