Louis Hamelrijk at rue d'Artois D. Scheinert & L. Hamelrijk

Credit for this entry to:
Yannick Du Bois

Plaque: Louis Hamelrijk at rue d'Artois

Louis Hamelrijk
Accordeonist - Composer

Original inscription:

Louis Hamelrijk

Hamelrijk established the accordion-store on the ground floor of the house, in 1947, which is now the only one in Brussels. It is now owned by his daughter.

Site: D. Scheinert & L. Hamelrijk (2 memorials)

1000, rue d'Artois, 65

There is no obvious connection between Scheinert and Hamelrijk. The first one just seemed to have lived -seen where the plaque is placed- probably on the first floor, Hamelrijk was the owner of the accordion-store on the ground floor.

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Subjects commemorated


Louis Hamelrijk

Accordeonist and composer.

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