Whirling Ear Whirling Ear

Sculpture: Whirling Ear

CALDER (Philadelphia 1898 / New-York 1976)
Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium,
inventory 7651
Restored and erected courtesy of
the Town of Brussels,
Brussels International Airport
Company (B.I.A.C.) and the
Company of Enterprises (C.F.E.)

Inaugurated 21 June 2000
in the presence of
F.-X. de Donnea, burgomaster,
H. Simons, Alderman for Urbanism,
with the participation and the
coordination of the Department of Housing of
Brussels and E. de Wilde,
Head of Conservation of the
Royal Fine Art Museums

Original inscription:

CALDER (Philadelphia 1898 / New-York 1976)
Musées royaux des Beaux
Arts de Belgique,
inventaire 7651
Restaurée et érigée grâce à
la Ville de Bruxelles,
Brussels International Airport
Company (B.I.A.C.) et la
Compagnie d’Entreprises (C.F.E.)

Inaugurée le 21 juin 2000
en présence de
F.-X. de Donnea, bourgmestre,
H.Simons, échevin de l’Urbanisme,
de la Participation et de la
Coordination du Logement de la
Ville de Bruxelles et E. de Wilde,
Conservateur en chef des
Musées royaux des Beaux Arts

Not a memorial, but a rare example of a well-sited, quality piece of modern art, which is appreciated by the public.   The plaque with all the rather dull text (the inventory number, anyone?) is on the end of a low wall to the north-west of the Ear.
This piece of art is one of the rare witnesses that survived the World Exhibition of Brussels 1958. There it stood in the middle of a basin with fountains in front of the US pavilion. After the exhibition it was dismantled and stored in an depot of the Royal Museums where it rust for years before someone came up with the idea to give it a place in the city again.

Site: Whirling Ear (1 memorial)

1000, Coudenberg at the junction with rue Montagne de la Cour

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Created by


Alexander Calder

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